Artist’s Commentary: Kathryn Briggs on ‘Macbeth Act 1, Scene 1’

This is the first in what we intend to be a series of posts, in which artists and writers provide a commentary to a video of someone reading their work. Our first track commentary comes from Kathryn Briggs, a comic writer and artist based in Scotland, on  a short comic adaptation of a scene from Macbeth…

Kathryn talks us through her choices in layout and design, and how she sees that affecting the reader: so over to her to do just that!

As Kathryn points out, you can see how the reader examines the faces of the characters, both human and animal. When we look at photos, we show a strong tendency to seek out people, particularly their eyes, because they give us a strong social cue, and it looks like we still do this when it comes to comics- perhaps because as well as a social cue, they’re giving us vital information about the story.

You can find more of Kathryn’s work at, or on Twitter @withryn.

Any comments or questions? You can leave them below, or contact us at If you’re a comic artist or writer, and you’d be interested in recording a commentary, just drop us a line! For more project news, follow us at @eye_read_comics.


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